Welcome to Michael Lambert on Media Law

Let me be the first to introduce you to MLonML.com. I hope you will find this blog to be a place where you can expect to learn about recent developments in the world of media law, intellectual property law, and other legal topics.

The media law world is currently facing many pressing and evolving issues. This blog hopes to tackle some of these issues head on and provide greater context and analysis.

On the left sidebar of the blog you will find a number of pages:

  • First, under the title of this blog you will see three social media icons for Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Feel free to add/follow me on these social networks.
  • Next, the first page on this blog, About the Author, will give you background and information on me – Michael Lambert – the editor-in-chief of MLonML.com. The second page, Why The First Amendment Matters, serves to provide and more comprehensive look into why I want to work in this particular legal space.
  • After these two pages, you will see the Publications/Honors page. Here I share my past publications, both as a law school and as a journalist.
  • Finally, the last set of pages will sort my blog posts into particular topics. These topics may increase as I touch on different areas of law. This site will touch on a multitude of legal areas, including trademark, copyright, entertainment, privacy, and Internet law, and LGBTQ issues, among others.

I intend to center this blog around a few different types of posts. I will write news posts that will highlight recent news in of interest areas of law. I will also display and discuss recent scholarship in the media law world, whether it is from attorneys, law professors, or other law students. The most unique feature of this blog will be my analysis posts where I will go into further detail and provide novel legal analysis of pressing issues from my own perspective. All of the analysis posts are my own independent creations – in contrast to news and scholarship posts that share the work of others. When I don’t have enough time for more in-depth analysis posts, I may share small thoughts on a particular topic.

Once again, welcome to MLonML.



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