Article on Elonis case and online speech featured on The Interdisciplinary Internet Institute

On June 1 the United States Supreme Court decided Elonis v. United States, arguably the most anticipated First Amendment case of the 2015 term. The case had the eye of average citizens as well as First Amendment attorneys and scholars because of its potential impact on one of the most popular social media applications in the country—Facebook. Leading up to the case I wrote on MLonML about the potential stakes of Elonis in a post previewing the case and a post detailing its place in the overall landscape of the 2015 Supreme Court term.

Many saw the Elonis case as a chance for the Supreme Court to address the true threats doctrine in light of modern online communications. Instead, the Court adjudicated the case based on statutory interpretation. I discussed the Court’s conclusion in Elonis and the questions left unanswered in an article featured on the Interdisciplinary Internet Institute titled, “Elonis case decided by U.S. Supreme Court leaves lingering questions for online speech.”


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